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    You supply the land and we will do the rest. Get honey from your own hives.

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    We provide paying hive sites and by-the-hour beekeeping work to experienced beekeepers of all levels

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  • Leo Tolstoy

    “One can no more approach people without love than one can approach bees without care. Such is the quality of bees."


We offer beehive rental and beehive management services throughout New Zealand with our focus firmly on the wellbeing of the bees. Our system connects local, independent beekeepers with those people wanting bees.



Rent or buy hives, find out what's included and which areas we service.



Become a contract beekeeper with BeezThingz to access paying hive sites, support from other beekeepers, and our unique hive management platform.



Click to see our bee awareness projects like Bees in Schools, Bees in Businesses, and the City Bee Collective.

About Us

BeezThingz is a network of switched on beekeepers focused on sustainability urban beekeeping, happy bees, and happy customers.
We use the latest Bee Management systems provided by BuzzTech to manage customer relationships and to provide a portal for the customer to log in and see the progress of their hives over time along with beekeeper notes and optional sensor data.


Urban Beekeeping Since 2001

We have a refined business model that provides superior knowledge and competitive prices to provide you with services unmatched by our competitors.

Best Service

We use BuzzTech‘s leading bee management software to keep our customers and our beekeepers informed every step of the way.

Professional Standards

Our beekeepers are experienced urban and commercial beekeepers. As well as holding a current DECA certificates they are qualified to maintain happy healthy colonies.




Julene Burstall

Our bees give us great pleasure and the honey is wonderful. Having the hives looked after is a bonus


Rachel Johnson

We have been really impressed with the knowledge of the beekeeper and have enjoyed the bees


Frank & Meliss Gelder

Excellent service and honey quality. Prompt to respond to inquiries. A great and pleasant team to have visit my property. Thank you


Pamela Wells

I think having bees is beneficial for both the garden especially the pollination of vegetables and the honey is delicious especially since we have chosen to process the honey from our own property. It has been fun putting it in bottles, labelling it and giving away some as gifts. People are so amazed at the gift and usually comment later that it tasted wonderful.


Peta Logan

I have had such good service from the beekeeper and the difference in my garden is amazing


Katie Buchanan

I already have recommended you to a friend, who now has bees also.


Maria Goodin-McKay

It was friendly and informative


Jennifer Riley

Because having bees at home is lots of fun. My garden is blooming like never before & we love having the extra life buzzing around us.


Ray Parmenter

Nice guy. Good product. Helps bees. Helps the environment. Helps us. Ray Parmenter


Megan Clarke

I love my bees and I tell people about them all the time and think it a great idea. The cost may be an issue for some but I love them. My bee tower is now 4 high so I hope it doesn’t grow too much taller and blow over.


Chris Bone

Keen to support the bee population, enjoy having the bees in the garden and BeezThingz makes it very easy. Great service!




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