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Who are we?

We offer beehive rental and beehive management services throughout New Zealand with our focus firmly on the wellbeing of the bees.
Our system connects local, independent beekeepers with those people wanting bees, more importantly it provides a platform for hive management that we can all use to further our understanding of these amazing creatures.
Un-kept colonies seldom survive a season in NZ since the arrival of the Verroa Mite, but with your help and our expertise we aim to create a network of kept bees, along side raising awareness of the plight of the bee and providing information on the positive impact they have on the environment.

Here at BeezThingz we understand that your local environment is of great importance, that's why our team are working with you to put bees back in to the ecosystem - providing us all with the ongoing pollination of fruit and vegetables and the tasty reward of sweet, locally produced raw honey!


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