Contract Beekeeping Services

For orchard, farm, land or business owners wanting reliable and traceable beekeeping services to provide pollination, bee stock growth, honey production, or a mixture of the 3. We use our network of certified, vetted, and trusted beekeepers around the country to provide bees, gear and ongoing management to people at a fixed rate. Through our partnership with BuzzTech, we provide dashboards and live in-hive sensor data to our customers and beekeepers to ensure traceable and reliability in the service we provide.



Extra Farm Income

Farmland too rugged for land-bound stock can be heaven for a well-managed colony of bees. We provide farmers with a transparent management contract and do all the work to generate real profit from marginal land.

Regardless of the size of the block or the part of the country, we will be able to generate income using one of the many bee management techniques our team specialise in.

Crop Pollination

Colony brood strength and bee numbers directly affect the quality of pollination and yield regardless of the crop.

By providing easy scheduling, powerful colonies, and live colony auditing using the BuzzTech colony heartbeat sensors and software system we provide orchard owners with a truly unique pollination experience with complete traceability and unbeatable results.


Nectar (Honey) Cropping

Even at a relatively small-scale, honey production is a considerable undertaking that should not be taken lightly.

We offer nectar cropping services with everything provided under a transparent service contract.

Our beekeepers can provide the bees or manage existing hives on a management contract with access to full honey sample, colony management and production reports as they are generated.


Bee Stock Investments

The natural reproduction of bee colonies can be highly lucrative if managed correctly.

Our team follow strict growth plans using specialist feeds and monitoring tools to increase customer stock numbers over 12 to 24 months.

Packages start from $15,000 and include initial stock purchase, equipment,  and management costs for the life of the contract.


We evaluate requests for best fit as they come in so if you would benefit from transparent contracts and live colony management information then click here to book a call with the head Beekeeper to discuss the job.


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