About Us

Founded by Kerry McCurdy in 2001 as a “lifestyle” business to farm bees in Auckland city, we now boast New Zealand’s largest network of urban beehives and urban beekeepers. BeezThingz is a network of switched on beekeepers focused on sustainability urban beekeeping, happy bees, and happy customers.
We use the latest Bee Management systems to manage customer relationships and to provide a portal for the customer to log in and see the progress of their hives over time along with beekeeper notes.

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Urban Beekeeping Since 2001

We have a refined business model that provides superior knowledge and competitive prices to provide you with services unmatched by our competitors.We provide fully serviced bee hive rental services in Auckland covering both Rodney and Franklin Districts, Bay of plenty, Taranaki, Wellington and Christchurch.

Best Service

We use Beezthingz leading bee management software to keep our customers and our beekeepers informed every step of the way.

Professional Standards

Our beekeepers are experienced urban and commercial beekeepers. As well as holding a current DECA certificates they are qualified to maintain happy healthy colonies.

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