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Have you found a swarm of bees?

Do you need a bee swarm removed in Auckland?

We want to help you get it into a new home fast! 

Bee Swarm Removal services are provided by a small army of skilled beekeepers and swarm catchers alike who collect swarms on a moments notice free of charge.

We rehome our captured swarms, disease check them, treat them for Varroa, and look after them as our own.

Alter your local bee swarm catcher

How does one catch a swarm?

  1. Click the button below to alert a beekeeper
  2. They contact you quickly to confirm the swarm is still there
  3. They visit the property with an empty beehive and the appropriate gear to move the bees into it. 
  4. Once the queen is in the hive the rest of the bees will follow so the beekeeper will usually come back in the evening/early morning to collect the captured swarm and take it to its new and more permanent home where it can be treated for varroa and looked after.  
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What is a swarm?

A swarm is one of the most dramatic and amazing shows of nature that anyone, beekeeper or not, can witness. 

Bee Swarms are not dangerous by nature! when bees swarm, they load up on honey before leaving the hive, so much so that they actually find it hard to use their stingers. Becuase they are in “moving house” mode, they also have nothing to protect so are a lot more docile.Because there is such a shortage of bees, swarms are in hot demand all over New Zealand, that’s why we built this system to help connect the people with the swarm to the people wanting a swarm.

What to do if you have a wasp nest?

Wasps can be a huge problem for beekeepers, at particular times of the year they become predators and can easily wipe out an entire colony of bees. They consume the honey, eat the larvae/eggs and kill the bees. Our new urban beehives are designed to make it much easier for the bees to defend themselves but for the majority of beekeepers, German wasps are still a huge problem

Our Wasp Control service is well known as fast and effective. We offer a fixed rate and a friendly experience.

Exterminations cost $175 Plus GST regardless of how many visits we have to make to the site though we usually do it in one.

Our exterminator is a beekeeper with wasp extermination training and specific tools to quickly and efficiently eliminate wasp nests.

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alert your local bee swarm catchers

We re-home our captured swarms, disease check them, treat them for Varroa, and look after them as our own.