Beekeeper Services

Our network of beekeepers operates a range of services around NZ, throughout the year we are able to help with Swarm Catching, Wasp Extermination, Mentoring, Training and Beekeeping Assistance.

Bee Swarms are not dangerous by nature! when bees swarm, they load up on honey before leaving the hive, so much so that they actually find it hard to use their stingers. Becuase they are in “moving house” mode, they also have nothing to protect so are a lot more docile.Because there is such a shortage of bees, swarms are in hot demand all over New Zealand, that’s why we built this system to help connect the people with the swarm to the people wanting a swarm.

Wasps can be a huge problem for beekeepers, at particular times of the year they become predators and can easily wipe out an entire colony of bees. They consume the honey, eat the larvae/eggs and kill the bees. Our new urban beehives are designed to make it much easier for the bees to defend themselves but for the majority of beekeepers, German wasps are still a huge problem