Get bees in Auckland

Nationwide Serviced Beehive Rental

If you want beehives on your property but don’t have the time, energy, or confidence to become your own beekeeper; we offer fully serviced beehives around the country through our network of professional beekeepers focused on getting bees back into urban areas.
As well as emergency response and a wealth of bee knowledge, you will receive email updates after every inspection so you can keep track of the health of your hives over time.


Protocols for beekeeping operations under COVID-19 Alert Level 4 – FOR COMMERCIAL BEEKEEPERS


Become a contract beekeeper with BeezThingz to access paying hive sites, support from other beekeepers, and our unique hive management platform.


Have you found a swarm of bees?

Do you need a bee swarm removed in Auckland?

We want to help you get it into a new home fast!

Bee Swarm Removal services are provided by a small army of skilled beekeepers and swarm catchers alike who collect swarms on a moments notice free of charge.We rehome our captured swarms, disease check them, treat them for Varroa, and look after them as our own.