The constant exchange of food and pheromones (scents) between bees keeps the hive functioning smoothly. As their name implies, workers do most of the work in the hive, such as depositing nectar into the honey cells. The nectar ripens into honey in a few days, after which the cell is capped. Drones (which can be […]

Bee Navigation

Bee Navigation Bee Navigation Each honeybee hive produces about 29 kg of honey per year. To help them make this honey, the bees talk to each other – and just recently, some scientists have learnt to speak this language! The story begins back in 1923, when Karl von Frisch from the University of Munich in […]

Facts about bees

facts about bees Pollination Agriculture depends greatly on the honeybee for pollination. Honeybees account for 80% of all insect pollination. Without such pollination, we would see a significant decrease in the yield of fruits and vegetables. Honey Honey is used by the bees for food all year round. There are many types, colors and flavors […]

Blueberry Glasshouse Pollination

Pollination   It can bee done! BeezThings has been asked to place honey-bee colonies inside the worlds biggest glasshouse for Blueberries. 6 colonies arepollinating40,000Blueberry plants.When we entered the glasshouse we could not see to the farend of the glasshouse -2.6ha -it is ginormous!   Usually growers pollinate inside glasshouses with Bumblebees but Blueberries need 10 […]