Bees In Schools

Bees play a pivotal role in the environment. There is no doubting that.

What we want to do is to introduce children to the inner workings of bees by getting smart beehives into schools. Our system allows access live hive data that can be used as a learning tool and an entry point to other important ecological based topics such as bio-dynamic gardening and plant biology.

The challenge we face at the moment is that schools often do not have the budget for this kind of investment so we have provided a platform to allow schools to be nominated and eventually sponsored.

Once a school is sponsored, Our team will provide bees, ongoing hive management, education, and honey to the school for the period of the sponsorship.

Beehive Sponsorship

We are committed to putting bees in schools around Auckland for now, then the rest of New Zealand. Help us by sponsoring a school to get a fully serviced beehive!

How it Works:

  • A school gets nominated or nominates itself to receive sponsorship for a fully serviced urban beehive.
  • Once we have confirmed the nomination with the school – we publish it to our website.
  • Organisations or individuals then select a school or schools to sponsor (and are charged a 1 off fee for the period selected)
  • We deliver the beehives and manage them accordingly
  • The school receives all honey to use as it chooses

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