Glasshouse Example


It can be done!

Our honey-bee colonies are pollinating 10s of thousands of plants inside an enormous glasshouse.


Size Matters!

We chose colonies from our small cell breeding program. Specifically, because the flowers we are trying to pollinate are very small. We were surprised when we unloaded the hives how many bees had escaped through the standard size holes on the new Hive Doctor floors. All three gates of the floors were shut and still hundreds of bees got out.

Our small bees are just the right size to get into these small flowers

Adding the Buzz!
We asked BuzzTech to help with remote monitoring of the hives. It is imperative to constantly monitor the health of the colonies. 5 individual temperature readings taken from 4 hives is taken every 40 minutes. As well as being available in the web portal, results refresh on on this dashboard every day to show the grower at a glance the state of his new pollinators!

Check out live dashboard HERE

The hive Heartbeat sensors sit across the top of the brood box in each hive and communicate with BuzzTech servers over wifi to the internet. In this case, we have installed a Ubiquity wifi access point into the glasshouse that extends a wifi signal to the 4 monitored hives.

For more information on monitoring hives in pollination, please call or email Julian on the details below:



A Healthy Diet!
In order for Beez to thrive in an environment like this, we have to supplement their diet. On Monday each hive has been given a frame feeder filled with syrup and essential oils. Later this week we will add pollen patties and fill up the frame feeders with fresh syrup mixed seaweed and essential oil tonic. It has all the Amino Acids and Trace elements bees require.



Pollination Services!
If you would like to know more about our pollination services,
give us a call on 09-622-3055 or visit our website www.beezthingz.co.nz

Tune in for regular updates on the Beez in the Glasshouse!