About BeezThingz

BeezThingz was founded by Kerry McCurdy in 2001 as a beehive rental business focused on getting bees back into the urban ecosystem, Since then we have grown from a single beekeeper managing a few hives around Auckland to a national brand with beekeepers in most regions of New Zealand. We hand pick beekeepers who we know can keep happy healthy bees and maintain a high level of service.


Julian McCurdy
Managing Director

Julian has a background in the IT world, currently managing the growth of the BeezThingz brand as well as running BeezThngz sister company BuzzTech.

Julian has given the company a fresh, young kick with the introduction of new technology such as our online hive management service, beehive monitoring sensors, and innovative ideas for refreshed customer interaction.

Phone: 027 861 5084
Email: julian@beezthingz.co.nz

Peter Alexander
CEO & West Auckland Beekeeper

Peter joined BeezThingz in 2015 as Beekeeper for West Auckland and became CEO of BeezThingz in 2016 to help Julian with the running of the company. Peter has 8 years of Beekeeping experience and a real passion for organic beekeeping and breeding of VSH Queens.

Peter is your first point of contact with BeezThingz and all your enquiries. He will find the best Beekeeping solution for You!

Phone: 022 121 1221
Email: enquiries@beezthingz.co.nz

Jay Bennett
Taupo Beekeeper

I have been keeping bees for 6 years now. I first started by capturing a swarm out of the wall of our own house, one week later it left me (I didn’t leave it with any honey) and a couple of weeks later I gained a couple of hives from an orchardist in Napier. Now I was addicted to the complex nature of bees and how they work and have been increasing hive numbers as knowledge and experience grew ever since.

As well as working with Rental Hives and Clients, the Bee Happy Honey Company produces and sells it own Raw honey products, provides swarm collection and Wasp extermination services in the greater Taupo and Rotorua areas.

Phone: 021 844 299
Email: beekeeper@beehappyhoneyco.nz


Our major beekeeping partners around the country are:

Rixington Holdings – Rodney

Lion Apiaries – Auckland Central/North

Waiapi – Auckland West

Ibrahim Mohammed – Auckland South

The Bee Happy Honey Co – Taupo

P and N Apiaries – Wellington

Back Yard Honeybees – Christchurch