Wasp Removal in Auckland

Our wasp Control and wasp removal service is second to none. We offer a fixed rate and a friendly experience.

Wasps can be a huge problem for beekeepers, at particular times of the year they become preditors and can easily wipe out an entire colony of bees. They consume the honey, eat the larve/eggs and kill the bees. Our new urban beehives are designed to make it much easier for the bees to defend themselves but for the majority of beekeepers, German wasps are still a huge problem

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It costs $150 regardless of how many visits we have to make (though we usualy get it done in 1 visit)

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Founded by Kerry McCurdy in 2001 as a "lifestyle" business to farm the city, we now boast New Zealands largest network of urban beehives and urban beekeepers.

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    We Provide Beehive Rental and Contract Beekeeping services in cities all around New Zealand with our focus firmly on the wellbeing of bees.

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