Bee Swarms are not dangerous by nature! when bees swarm, they load up on honey before leaving the hive, so much so that they actually find it hard to use their stingers. Becuase they are in "moving house" mode, they also have nothing to protect so are a lot more docile.

Because there is such a shortage of bees, swarms are in hot demand all over New Zealand, thats why we built this system to help connect the people with the swarm to the people wanting a swarm.

If you can think of any improvements to the system, please contact me directly by emailing

Found a swarm? - Create a swarm alert!

Creating a swarm alert will notify anyone wanting a swarm in your area. Once the alert has gone out, someone will get in touch to come and collect the swarm ASAP.

Need a swarm? - Receive swarm alerts!

When someone locates a swarm, they create an alert which notifies you of the swarm. You can then arrange to collect directly with the contact.

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Founded by Kerry McCurdy in 2001 as a "lifestyle" business to farm the city, we now boast New Zealands largest network of urban beehives and urban beekeepers.

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    We Provide Beehive Rental and Contract Beekeeping services in cities all around New Zealand with our focus firmly on the wellbeing of bees.

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