Buy Bees and Specialty Hives

If you are confident that you are ready to take on your own hive or would like to add to your existing Apiary and already know what you want

Don't forget to check out out Beehive Rental service if you would rather start with that.

  • Equipment

    There is a lot of verity when it comes to beekeeping so here is a list of the basic equipment required to get started:

     Hive Tool
      Varroa Attack Plan

  • The Process

    Once you have the equipment, you are ready to put your hand up for some bees.

      Catch a swarm or buy bees
      Register your Apiary
      Service your hive monthly

    TIP : Bees reproduce naturally from October to January so swarms are a great way to get started S

  • Manage Your Own Hives

    The way that you manage your beehive is ultimately up to you. We work on a philosophy that if we look after the bees wellbeing, they will look after us.

    Based on that philosophy, we have built a cloud application that you can use to manage your hive and track its performance.

    We also offer beekeeping support and beekeeping classes if you feel like you need a hand.

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Founded by Kerry McCurdy in 2001 as a "lifestyle" business to farm the city, we now boast New Zealands largest network of urban beehives and urban beekeepers.

  • Our Services

    We Provide Beehive Rental and Contract Beekeeping services in cities all around New Zealand with our focus firmly on the wellbeing of bees.

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